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My Child, My Legacy

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My Child, My Legacy

I hope this book can inspire readers to unleash their greatest gifts in life.

Value life as it is and help others to succeed. Living one’s life by your own choices and not by default or choices of others. Be grateful for all that you have and not waste too much time dwelling at what you do not have.

I wish entrepreneurs, parents and anyone who read this book can share the gems they found in the book to their children, their families, friends, associates, and beyond.

This book is written based on my life journey from an engineer graduate to an educator and then an entrepreneur. During the years of me exploring my career and business path, I discovered my passion and purpose in life. Then come along my family.

I invited my wife and children to join me along this journey of personal development and we explored the wonders of the world together. We discovered the world through our travelling, and we focus on being the better version of ourselves daily learning from life experiences.

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